Stereoselective syntheses of α-isosparteine

  title={Stereoselective syntheses of $\alpha$-isosparteine},
  author={Hitoshi Oinuma and Shigeyuki Dan and Hiroshi Kakisawa},
  journal={Journal of The Chemical Society-perkin Transactions 1},
Stereoselective syntheses of α-isosparteine were accomplished by means of 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions. The cycloaddition of nitrone (4) to cyclopentadiene proceeded stereoselectively to afford 2:1-adduct (7a), which in turn led to the construction of the tetracyclic quinolizidine framework. The synthesis using 4H-pyran as a dipolarophile was more convenient, for the cycloaddition proceeded with high regio- and stereo-selectively to afford 2:1-adduct (16a), which was converted into α-isosparteine… 
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A stereoselective synthesis of α-isosparteine
Successive cycloaddition of Δ1-piperidiene 1-oxide to 4H-pyran proceeded regio- and stereo-selectively to afford a 2:1 adduct, catalytic hydrogenation of which gave α-isosparteine in high yield.
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