Stereoselective Synthesis of the C9-C19 Fragment of Peloruside A.

  title={Stereoselective Synthesis of the C9-C19 Fragment of Peloruside A.},
  author={Stuart C D Kennington and Juan Manuel Romo and Pedro Romea and F{\`e}lix Urp{\'i}},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={18 12},
A concise synthesis of the C9-C19 fragment of peloruside A that is both highly stereoselective and efficient is described. Achieving an overall yield of 23% over 14 steps, this synthesis not only is high yielding but also involves four chromatography steps. This approach is based on the addition of metal enolates of chiral auxiliary scaffolds generated by either catalytic or stoichiometric amounts of nickel(II) or titanium(IV) Lewis acids. 

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