Stereolithographic (SL) biomodelling in craniofacial surgery.

  title={Stereolithographic (SL) biomodelling in craniofacial surgery.},
  author={Paul Steven D'Urso and Richard L Atkinson and M W Lanigan and W. J. Earwaker and Ian James Bruce and Anne Holmes and Timothy Barker and David J. Effeney and Robert Thompson},
  journal={British journal of plastic surgery},
  volume={51 7},
BACKGROUND Stereolithographic (SL) biomodelling allows 3D CT to be used to generate solid plastic replicas of anatomical structures (biomodels). Case reports in the literature suggest that such biomodels may have a use in craniofacial surgery but no large series or assessment of utility has been reported. A prospective trial to assess the utility of biomodelling in craniofacial surgery has been performed. METHODS Forty patients with complex craniofacial abnormalities were selected and 3D CT… CONTINUE READING


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