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Stereoelectronics of carboxylate-imidazolium hydrogen bonds in models of the aspartate-histidine couple in serine proteases

  title={Stereoelectronics of carboxylate-imidazolium hydrogen bonds in models of the aspartate-histidine couple in serine proteases},
  author={N. Nabulsi},
The geometry of the carboxylate—imidazolium hydrogen bond in the crystalline state and the effect of microenvironment are investigated in models of the aspartate—histidine (Asp—His) couple. Synthetic methods leading to the preparation of intramolecular models, possessing syn and antioriented hydrogen bonds, also are described. A single-pot procedure has been developed for converting phenoxyacetonitriles into their respective benzimidazole derivative in higher yields than the traditional two… Expand
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Nabulsi was born in Houston, Texas on August 27,1956. He obtained his Elementary and Secondary education from "College De La Salle" in Amman Jordan
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