Stereo-Vision-Based Pedestrian's Intention Detection in a Moving Vehicle

  title={Stereo-Vision-Based Pedestrian's Intention Detection in a Moving Vehicle},
  author={Sebastian K{\"o}hler and Michael Goldhammer and Klaus Zindler and Konrad Doll and Klaus C. J. Dietmayer},
  journal={2015 IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems},
We present a method to detect starting, stopping and bending in intentions of pedestrians from a moving vehicle based on stereo-vision. The method focuses on urban scenarios where these pedestrian movements are common and may result in critical situations. Pedestrian intentions are determined by means of an image-based motion contour histogram of oriented gradient descriptor. It is based on silhouettes gathered from stereo data and does not require any compensation of appearance changes… CONTINUE READING

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