Sterculia guttata seeds extractives--an effective mosquito larvicide.

  title={Sterculia guttata seeds extractives--an effective mosquito larvicide.},
  author={Sushama R Katade and Pushpa V. Pawar and Radhika D Wakharkar and Nirmala R. Deshpande},
  journal={Indian journal of experimental biology},
  volume={44 8},
The larvicidal activity of ethanol, chloroform and hexane soxhlet extracts obtained from S. guttata seeds was investigated against the IVth instar larvae of Dengue fever vector, Aedes aegypti and filarial vector, Culex quinquefasciatus. All extracts including fractions of ethanol extract exhibited 100% larval kill within 24 hr exposure period at 500 ppm concentration. Fraction A1 of ethanol was found to be most promising; its LC50 was 21.552 and 35.520 ppm against C. quinquefasciatus and A… CONTINUE READING