Steps to success with technology for individuals with aphasia.


This article discusses how the Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement, an aphasia center in Baltimore, MD, currently uses technology in its programming to empower individuals with aphasia to actively participate in communications with families, friends, and the community. We describe the steps used to promote successful use of technology in everyday life. This process includes: (1) identifying a client's strongest modality/modalities for communication; (2) matching the individual's strengths with their personal goals and preferences; (3) developing a way to determine personal goals for technology use; and (4) selecting and training use of technologies that will support them in achieving their goals. Three brief case studies are presented to demonstrate the process by which programs were judged to be "best fits" for each member, and permitted them to reach a self-chosen goal. Finally, the steps that promoted successful learning and generalization to everyday life are described.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0032-1320043

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