Stepping Out: Reading Rita Duffy’s Dancer

  title={Stepping Out: Reading Rita Duffy’s Dancer},
  author={Adele M. Dalsimer and Adele Vera Kreilkamp},
  pages={208 - 217}
  • Adele M. Dalsimer, Adele Vera Kreilkamp
  • Published 1997
  • History
  • Éire-Ireland
  • There are two main kinds of Irish dancing: (1) Riverdance, which is now simultaneously running in every major city in the world except Ulan Bator and which some economists believe is responsible for the Irish economic boom; and (2) real Irish dancing, in which men do not wear frilly blouses and you still may not express yourself, except in a written note to the adjudicators. the Irish Times, St Patrick’s Festival Programme, 1998 

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