Step-stress Accelerated Life Testing for Exponentiated Weibull Distribution

  title={Step-stress Accelerated Life Testing for Exponentiated Weibull Distribution},
  author={S. Zarrin and S. Saxena and Arif-ul-lslam},
  journal={Safety and Reliability},
  pages={13 - 5}
Abstract A step-stress accelerated life test for two stress variables is developed. The time to failure follows the Exponentiated Weibull distribution. This paper presents a SSALT model assuming a 3-parameter Exponentiated Weibull distribution for the failure time. The inclusion of two variables in a test design will lead to a better understanding of the effect of two simultaneously operating stress variables. 
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Exponentiated weibull distribution, Statistica, vol. LXVI(2)
  • 2006