Stent graft for nephrologists: concerns and consensus.

  title={Stent graft for nephrologists: concerns and consensus.},
  author={Loay H Salman and Arif Asif},
  journal={Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN},
  volume={5 7},
The role of the stent graft is emerging in the management of arteriovenous dialysis access. Physicians are incorporating this device in the management of three distinct problems--vein-graft anastomotic stenosis, pseudoaneurysm formation, and cephalic arch stenosis--with varying degrees of success. Indeed, a recent randomized, controlled trial to evaluate the role of angioplasty plus stent graft versus angioplasty alone for the management of stenosis at the vein-graft anastomosis led to the… CONTINUE READING

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