Stent fracture in the coronary and peripheral arteries.

  title={Stent fracture in the coronary and peripheral arteries.},
  author={Satjit Adlakha and Mujeeb A Sheikh and Jason C Wu and Mark W Burket and Utpal T. Pandya and William R Colyer and Ehab A. Eltahawy and Christopher J. Cooper},
  journal={Journal of interventional cardiology},
  volume={23 4},
Inherent risks of stenting include restenosis and thrombosis. Recently, stent fractures have been recognized as a complication that may result in thrombosis, perforation, restenosis, and migration of the stent resulting in morbidity and mortality. Stent fractures were originally seen in the superficial femoral arteries but have since then been reported in almost all vascular sites including the coronary, renal, carotid, iliac, and femoropopliteal arteries. Fractures are the result of the… CONTINUE READING


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