Stemming the tide of centrifugal forces in Igbo orthography

  title={Stemming the tide of centrifugal forces in Igbo orthography},
  author={Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche},
  journal={Dialectical Anthropology},
The paper deplores the increasing practice whereby individuals and groups write Igbo with orthographic conventions that deviate from those of the official Igbo (Ọnwụ) Orthography. It warns that these divergent acts are steadily dragging Igbo Orthography into a state of anarchy whose consequences could be more disastrous than those of the earlier orthography controversy of 1929–1961. The paper briefly traces the history of Igbo orthography from the earliest mention of Igbo in the sixteenth… 
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Orthography Theories and the Standard Igbo Orthography
The contribution of a number of orthographic theories to the standardization of Igbo orthography is investigated to highlight the consistency or otherwise of Igoe orthography with these theories, and also, to make suggestions, if any, for reforms 1.0.
OkwuGbé: End-to-End Speech Recognition for Fon and Igbo
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