Stem water transport of Lithocarpus edulis, an evergreen oak with radial-porous wood.

  title={Stem water transport of Lithocarpus edulis, an evergreen oak with radial-porous wood.},
  author={Shigeki Hirose and Atsushi Kume and Shinichi Takeuchi and Yasuhiro Utsumi and Kyoichi Otsuki and Shigeru Ogawa},
  journal={Tree physiology},
  volume={25 2},
The stem water conducting system of an evergreen broad-leaved oak, Lithocarpus edulis (Mak.) Nakai, was investigated. Evergreen broad-leaved oaks (Lithocarpus, Castanopsis, Cyclobalanopsis, Quercus) belonging to the Quercoideae are a major component of Asian monsoon forests, and are characterized by the possession of radial-porous wood. A characteristic of radial-porous wood is the development of aggregate rays between radially oriented files of vessels. We measured the distribution of vessel… CONTINUE READING


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