Stem photosynthesis in a desert ephemeral, Eriogonum inflatum

  title={Stem photosynthesis in a desert ephemeral, Eriogonum inflatum},
  author={C. Barry Osmond and S. Desmond Smith and B. Gui-Ying and Thomas D Sharkey},
The gas exchange characteristics of photosynthetic tissues of leaves and stems of Eriogonum inflatum are described. Inflated stems were found to contain extraordinarily high internal CO2 concentrations (to 14000 μbar), but fixation of this internal CO2 was 6–10 times slower than fixation of atmospheric CO2 by these stems. Although the pool of CO2 is a trivial source of CO2 for stem photosynthesis, it may result in higher water-use efficiency of stem tissues. Leaf and stem photosynthetic… CONTINUE READING


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