Stem cells: State of the union

  title={Stem cells: State of the union},
  author={Heather Wood},
  journal={Nature Reviews Neuroscience},
} How does the brain process concepts such as ‘peaceful’ or ‘diurnal’? As concepts have been regarded to be propositional in nature, their neural representation has been difficult to grasp. But some authors have argued that concepts are grounded in motor and sensory processes, leading to the prediction that the neural processing of concepts might activate specific motor and sensory areas. In support of this idea, a recent paper reports that auditory and action-related… CONTINUE READING

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As auditory and motion - related features activate specific regions of the brain ( the superior temporal gyrus and the posterior superior temporal sulcus , respectively ) , the key question was whether these regions were activated during a visual task that did not require the explicit retrieval of the associations .
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