Stem cell therapy for myocardial repair: is it arrhythmogenic?

  title={Stem cell therapy for myocardial repair: is it arrhythmogenic?},
  author={Raj R. Makkar and Michael C. Lill and Peng-Sheng Chen},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Cardiology},
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Transplantation of both skeletal myoblasts and stem cells into the region of infarcted myocardium results in improved myocardial function in both the murine and porcine infarct models. Intravenous injection of stem cells and bone marrow stimulating cytokines also improves cardiac function (1–4). The optimal cell type and dose, delivery route, delivery catheter, and the timing of cell injection are still being defined. In order for cell therapy to be widely clinically applicable, the optimal… CONTINUE READING