Stem cell plasticity: an overview.

  title={Stem cell plasticity: an overview.},
  author={Peter J Quesenberry and Mehrdad Abedi and Jason M Aliotta and Gerald A. Colvin and Delia A. Demers and Mark S. Dooner and Deborah A Greer and Hannah Hebert and M. K. C. Menon and Jeffrey Pimentel and Diane Paggioli},
  journal={Blood cells, molecules & diseases},
  volume={32 1},
The capacity of adult bone marrow cells to convert to cells of other tissues, referred to by many as stem cell plasticity, was the focus of the meeting in Providence entitled "Challenges in the Era of Stem Cell Plasticity". The meeting provided a showcase for the many impressive positive results on tissue restoration including the capacity of purified marrow stem cells to restore heart, skin, and liver function in impaired mice or humans. This area of research has become a center of controversy… CONTINUE READING


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