Stem cell factor programs the mast cell activation phenotype.

  title={Stem cell factor programs the mast cell activation phenotype.},
  author={Tomonobu Ito and Daniel Smrz and Mi-yeon Jung and Geethani Bandara and Avanti N Desai and {\vS}{\'a}rka Smr{\vz}ov{\'a} and Hye Sun Kuehn and Michael A. Beaven and Dean D Metcalfe and Alasdair M. Gilfillan},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={188 11},
Mast cells, activated by Ag via FcεRI, release an array of proinflammatory mediators that contribute to allergic disorders, such as asthma and anaphylaxis. The KIT ligand, stem cell factor (SCF), is critical for mast cell expansion, differentiation, and survival, and under acute conditions, it enhances mast cell activation. However, extended SCF exposure in vivo conversely protects against fatal Ag-mediated anaphylaxis. In investigating this dichotomy, we identified a novel mode of regulation… CONTINUE READING
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