Stem and Root Nodulation in Aeschynomene spp.

  title={Stem and Root Nodulation in Aeschynomene spp.},
  author={D Alazard},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={50 3},
  • D Alazard
  • Published 1985 in Applied and environmental microbiology
Nodulation ability of 15 Rhizobium strains isolated from root and stem nodules of tropical Aeschynomene species was studied on 20 different Aeschynomene species and four other legumes-Arachis hypogaea, Stylosanthes guianensis, Macroptilium atropurpureum, and Sesbania rostrata. The results of this investigation showed that Aeschynomene species could be divided into three groups according to the cross-inoculation group concept. 

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