Stellar populations in dwarf elliptical galaxies

  title={Stellar populations in dwarf elliptical galaxies},
  author={Dolf Michielsen and M. Koleva and Sven de Rijcke and W. W. Zeilinger and Ph. Prugniel and Herwig Dejonghe and Anna Karolina Pasquali and Ignacio Dur{\'a}n Ferreras and Victor P. Debattista},
Dwarf ellipticals (dEs) are the most numerous galaxy population in nearby dense environments. These low mass systems are very sensitive to both internal and external processes and are therefore ideal to test theories of galaxy formation and evolution. However, their low surface brightness makes detailed observations challenging. Here we present the first results based on FORS/VLT optical spectroscopy of fifteen dEs. We compare age and metallicity estimates from full spectrum fitting with those… CONTINUE READING

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