Steklov Eigenvalues and Quasiconformal Maps of Simply Connected Planar Domains

  title={Steklov Eigenvalues and Quasiconformal Maps of Simply Connected Planar Domains},
  author={Alexandre Girouard and Richard S. Laugesen and Bartlomiej A. Siudeja},
  journal={Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis},
We investigate isoperimetric upper bounds for sums of consecutive Steklov eigenvalues of planar domains. The normalization involves the perimeter and scale-invariant geometric factors which measure deviation of the domain from roundness. We prove sharp upper bounds for both starlike and simply connected domains for a large collection of spectral functionals including partial sums of the zeta function and heat trace. The proofs rely on a special class of quasiconformal mappings. 

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