Steganography: A Juxtaposition between LSB DCT, DWT

  title={Steganography: A Juxtaposition between LSB DCT, DWT},
  author={Ashwani Sethi and Daisy Jacobs and Hung-Ju Lin and A. Jain and Indranil Sen and Beenish Mehboob and Hassan Mathkour and Batool Al-Sadoon and Ameur Touir and Mamta Juneja and Parvinder Singh Sandhu},
Steganography is the technique to concealing information to the extent which nobody, except for the transmitter and also the designated receiver, anticipate the presence of the hidden data. Steganography is the craft to concealing important information in such a way that restrict recognition. The Steganography utilized towards transportation important information from just one destination to some other location by using general public network as part of stealth way. Steganography hides the… CONTINUE READING