Steady-state response of conscious man to small expiratory resistive loads.

  title={Steady-state response of conscious man to small expiratory resistive loads.},
  author={Annette R. Hill and Donald L. Kaiser and Jinyan Y Lu and Dudley F Rochester},
  journal={Respiration physiology},
  volume={61 3},
To determine the predominant steady-state ventilatory responses to mild expiratory flow-resistive loads, we subjected 14 normal subjects to expiratory resistances of 0-10 cm H2O/L/sec (R0-R3). Breathing patterns and abdominal muscle activity (EMG) were recorded during quiet breathing, and when ventilation was augmented by dead space breathing (7 subjects) or treadmill walking (7 subjects). Expiratory loading increased expiratory time (TE), tidal volume and mean inspiratory flow rate, while… CONTINUE READING

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