Status quo bias and attitude towards risk: An experimental investigation

  title={Status quo bias and attitude towards risk: An experimental investigation},
  author={Insaf Bekir and Faten Doss},
  journal={Managerial and Decision Economics},

How to measure the status quo bias? A review of current literature

The Status Quo Bias (SQB) describes an individual's preference to avoid changes and maintain the current situation. In today’s world, technological advances require nearly constant change within

Biases in Managerial Decision Making: Overconfidence, Status Quo, Anchoring, Hindsight, Availability

Decision-making processes occur with the interaction of some cognitive and psychological variables. Neoclassical theories deal with rational reactions in these processes. However, in an environment

Perceived Barriers to the Use of Assisted Colonization for Climate Sensitive Species in the Hawaiian Islands

First-person interviews with conservation decision makers, managers, and scientists who work with endangered species in the Hawaiian Islands found that assisted colonization was often not considered or utilized due to a lack of expertize with translocations.

Perspektif Akuntansi Template

. Tax is one of the sources of state revenue and the spearhead of the state budget. The government seeks to improve tax compliance decisions by implementing tax sanctions and tax amnesty policies.



Prospect theory: analysis of decision under risk

Analysis of decision making under risk has been dominated by expected utility theory, which generally accounts for people's actions. Presents a critique of expected utility theory as a descriptive

Inferring Risk Tolerance from Deductibles in Insurance Contracts

Of the numerous results provided over the past 30 years by the theory of decision under uncertainty, none has proved more helpful to me in solving practical problems than the following elegant

Anomalies: The Endowment Effect, Loss Aversion, and Status Quo Bias

A wine-loving economist we know purchased some nice Bordeaux wines years ago at low prices. The wines have greatly appreciated in value, so that a bottle that cost only $10 when purchased would now

The Role of Creativity and Innovation in Business Growth and Sustainability: An Ideal Model

The Role of Creativity and Innovation on business growth and sustainability the study set out to accomplish the following objective which was to determine the role of creativity and innovation in

Individual Risk Attitudes: Measurement, Determinants and Behavioral Consequences

This paper studies risk attitudes using a large representative survey and a complementary experiment conducted with a representative subject pool in subjects’ homes. Using a question asking people

Choice Under Uncertainty: Evidence from Ethiopia, India and Uganda

We review experimental evidence collected from risky choice experiments using poor subjects in Ethiopia, India and Uganda. Using these data we estimate that just over 50% of our sample behaves in