Status of clinical research in China

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Fifty top-cited spine articles from mainland China: A citation analysis

Identifying the most influential articles from mainland China in the global spine research community provides insights into the trends in spine care in mainland China and the historical contributions of researchers from mainlandChina to the international spine research field.

Current clinical trials on breast cancer in China: A systematic literature review

Clinical trials on breast cancer in China have made great progress and are increasingly receiving worldwide recognition, but trials on domestic innovative drugs are still in the initial stages, with plenty of room to grow.

AMEP_A_201960 297..302

There is a significant gap between PhD and MD students on quality of thesis, and most medical students need more training on statistics to improve the quality of their doctoral theses.

Comparison of In‐Hospital Mortality and Length of Stay in Acute ST‐Segment‐Elevation Myocardial Infarction Among Urban Teaching Hospitals in China and the United States

Overall in‐hospital mortality in acute STEMI patients was comparable among urban teaching hospitals between China and the United States during 2007–2010, and 3‐day mortality was lower in China, but worse outcomes in patients undergoing early revascularization and longer length of stay in China need to be given more attention.

Surgical Innovations in the Treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema and Diabetic Retinopathy

Microincisional vitrectomy as a treatment for DME and PDR remains controversial and larger trials are needed to definitively prove its superiority over other modalities; however, small-scale data point towards its usefulness in specific populations.

What factors affect the quality of medical students’ doctoral theses? A comparative study in affiliated hospitals of a Chinese university

There is a significant gap between PhD and MD students on quality of thesis and the rewarded theses have a feature of high first author impact factor, suggesting most medical students need more training on statistics to improve the quality of their doctoral theses.

How to strengthen clinical research in Shenzhen, China: qualitative study

Shenzhen still needs to develop suitable technical platforms, human resources training programmes and strong human research subject protection programmes pertaining to clinical research to facilitate the establishment of a functional system that can be expected to lead to increased medical research innovation in Shenzhen.

A Survey on Clinical Research Training Status and Needs in Public Hospitals from Shenzhen.

The survey results indicated that training subjects on protocol design and research ethics are urgently needed and relatively inadequate in China.

China—a call for papers



Meeting the Challenges Facing Clinical Research: Solutions Proposed by Leaders of Medical Specialty and Clinical Research Societies

The response and proposed strategies can serve as a roadmap to improve clinical research funding and training, evidence-based medical practice, and health care quality.

[We should pay more attention on clinical research].

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Validation of the Fresno test of competence in evidence based medicine

The Fresno test is a reliable and valid test for detecting the effect of instruction in evidence based medicine, and its use in other settings requires further exploration.