Status of X-band Standing Wave Structure Studies at SLAC

  title={Status of X-band Standing Wave Structure Studies at SLAC},
  author={Valery A. Dolgashev and C. Adolphsen and David Burke and Gordon B. Bowden and R. Michael Jones and John Lewandowski and Zhenghai Li and Rod Loewen and Roger H. Miller and C. Ng and Chris M. Pearson and Ronald D. Ruth and S. G. Tantawi and Juwen W. Wang and Perry Wilson},
The linacs proposed for the Next Linear Collider (NLC) and Japanese Linear Collider (JLC) would contain several thousand X-Band accelerator structures that would operate at a loaded gradient of 50 MV/m. An extensive experimental and theoretical program is underway at SLAC, FNAL and KEK to develop structures that reliably operate at this gradient. The development of standing wave structures is a part of this program. The properties of standing wave structures allow them to operate at the loaded… CONTINUE READING