Status of NINJA: the Numerical INJection Analysis project

  title={Status of NINJA: the Numerical INJection Analysis project},
  author={B. Aylott and J. Baker and W. Boggs and M. Boyle and P. R. Brady and D. Brown and B. Brugmann and L. Buchman and A. Buonanno and L. Cadonati and J. Camp and M. Campanelli and J. Centrella and Shourov Chatterjis and N. Christensen and Tony Chu and P. Diener and N. Dorband and Z. Etienne and J. Faber and S. Fairhurst and B. Farr and S. Fischetti and G. Guidi and L. Goggin and M. Hannam and F. Herrmann and I. Hinder and S. Husa and V. Kalogera and D. Keppel and L. Kidder and B. Kelly and B. Krishnan and P. Laguna and C. Lousto and I. Mandel and P. Marronetti and R. Matzner and S. Mcwilliams and K. Matthews and R. Mercer and S. Mohapatra and Abdul H. Mrou'e and H. Nakano and E. Ochsner and Yi Pan and L. Pekowsky and H. Pfeiffer and D. Pollney and F. Pretorius and V. Raymond and C. Reisswig and L. Rezzolla and O. Rinne and Craig Robinson and C. Rover and L. Santamar{\'i}a and B. Sathyaprakash and M. Scheel and E. Schnetter and J. Seiler and S. Shapiro and D. Shoemaker and U. Sperhake and A. Stroeer and R. Sturani and W. Tichy and Y. Liu and M. V. D. Sluys and J. V. Meter and R. Vaulin and A. Vecchio and J. Veitch and A. Vicer{\`e} and J. T. Whelan and Y. Zlochower},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
  • B. Aylott, J. Baker, +74 authors Y. Zlochower
  • Published 2009
  • Physics
  • Classical and Quantum Gravity
  • The 2008 NRDA conference introduced the Numerical INJection Analysis project (NINJA), a new collaborative effort between the numerical relativity community and the data analysis community. NINJA focuses on modeling and searching for gravitational wave signatures from the coalescence of binary system of compact objects. We review the scope of this collaboration and the components of the first NINJA project, where numerical relativity groups, shared waveforms and data analysis teams applied… CONTINUE READING
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