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Status of Heavy Metals and Pesticides in Yamuna River : A review

  title={Status of Heavy Metals and Pesticides in Yamuna River : A review},
  author={S. Hashmi Tanveer Alam and Swapnil Rai and Sushil Bajpai},
Water is essential for all forms of life and rivers are the main source of surface water. Mostly civilizations were developed on the bank of rivers but now days the conditions of rivers are very bad. Due to rapid increase in population, rapid industrialization and mismanaged agricultural practices are deteriorating the water quality of rivers. Most of the small rivers which are considered as tributaries of main rivers like the Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada etc are dried or converted as dumping site… 



Distribution of heavy metals in water and sediments of selected sites of Yamuna river (India)

The data showed that there was considerable variation in the concentration of elements from one sampling station to the other which may be due to the variations in the quality of industrial and sewage wasters being added to the river at different sampling stations.

Assessment of heavy metals and their interrelationships with some physicochemical parameters in eco-efficient rivers of Himalayan region

A comparison of characteristics of water quality with respect to heavy metals and their interrelationships with some physiological parameters during different seasons of year 2010 has been made in the water bodies flowing through the two geographical regions, namely Garhwal and Kumaon regions of the Himalayan State of India.

A River about to Die: Yamuna

River Yamuna is one of the most polluted rivers of the India. It originates from Yamunotri glaciers in the lower Himalayas at an elevation of approximately 6387 meters. The barrages formed on the


A systematic study has been carried out to assess the water quality index of River Ganga in Haridwar District. 90 water samples from five sampling stations were collected and analysed for

Assessment of Heavy Metals in Summer & Winter Seasons in River Yamuna Segment Flowing through Delhi, India

In the present investigations, monitoring of seasonal variations in the concentrations of heavy metals (Pb, Fe, Zn, Mn, Cd, Co, Cu, Cr and Ni) in the Yamuna river water flowing through Delhi have

Heavy metal pollution in freshly deposited sediments of the Yamuna River (the Ganges River tributary): a case study from Delhi and Agra urban centres, India

Abstract The Yamuna River sediments, collected from Delhi and Agra urban centres, were analysed for concentration and distribution of nine heavy metals by means of atomic adsorption spectrometry.

Heavy metal contamination in the Delhi segment of Yamuna basin

The river basin soil shows higher level of contamination with lesser variation than the water samples among sampling locations, thereby suggesting deposition over long periods of time through the processes of adsorption and absorption.

Pesticide concentration in water and sediment of River Ganga at selected sites in middle Ganga plain

This study reports the concentration levels and distribution pattern of the persistent pesticides residues in water and bed sediments of the Ganga river at Bhagalpur stretch collected seasonally over a period of 2 years to identify and quantify some selected pesticides.

Assessment of Ground Water Quality of Gajraula Industrial Area Of Uttar Pradesh, India

Groundwater is a natural resource for drinking water and it should be assessed regularly and people should be aware about the drinking water quality. The present study was undertaken to identify the