Status of HTGR steam cycle/cogeneration lead plant design

  title={Status of HTGR steam cycle/cogeneration lead plant design},
  author={E. Arbtin and S. A. Caspersson and Jeffrey B. Mulligan and Walter Germanovix and Charles O. Peinado and Frederic E. Swart},
The conceptual design of a High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR) Steam Cycle/Cogeneration (SC/C) Lead Plant has been completed and is described in this paper. It is a 2240-MW(t) variable cogeneration plant that generates up to 5 x 10/sup 6/ lb/h (630 kg/s) of high-temperature process steam and 230 MW(e) of cogenerated electricity or, alternatively, 820 MW(e) of electric power. The plant requirements and resulting design have been developed by use of functional analysis based on the… CONTINUE READING

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