Status and management of Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrinchus , in North America

  title={Status and management of Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrinchus , in North America},
  author={Theodore J. I. Smith and James P. Clugston},
  journal={Environmental Biology of Fishes},
The Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrinchus, consists of two subspecies distributed along the Atlantic coast of North America from Labrador to the east coast of Florida (Atlantic sturgeon subspecies -A.o. oxyrinchus) and along the Gulf of Mexico from Florida Bay, Florida to the mouth of the Mississippi River (Gulf sturgeon subspecies -A.o. desotoi). The species has been exploited throughout its range with landings peaking around the turn of the 20th century followed by drastic declines shortly… 

Review of the biology, fisheries, and conservation status of the Atlantic Sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus Mitchill, 1815

The Atlantic Sturgeon is a large member of the family Acipenseridae, historically reaching lengths of at least 4.6 m in length, and there is evidence that at least 35 North American rivers historically supported spawning populations, although only about 27 rivers are currently known or suspected to support spawning populations.

Abundance and distribution of Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus) within the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, determined from five fishery-independent surveys

The Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus) is a long-lived anadromous fish with a historic range from Hamilton Inlet on the coast of Labrador to the Saint Johns River in Florida (Smith and

Status and Genetic Character of Atlantic Sturgeon in the Satilla River, Georgia

AbstractThe Atlantic Sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus is an important component of biodiversity along the Atlantic coast of North America, but most populations have been decimated by habitat

Status and Restoration Options for Atlantic Sturgeon in North America

There is considerable interest in restoring stocks of Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus), one of only two dozen extant sturgeons worldwide. Populations of its two subspecies are found in large

Estimated Survival of Subadult and Adult Atlantic Sturgeon in Four River Basins in the Southeastern United States

Abstract Prompted by concerns about the status of Atlantic Sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus, in 2012 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration listed one distinct population segment

Fall Spawning of Atlantic Sturgeon in the Roanoke River, North Carolina

AbstractIn 2012, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared Atlantic Sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus to be threatened or endangered throughout its range in U.S.

Atlantic Sturgeon Use of the Penobscot River and Marine Movements within and beyond the Gulf of Maine

AbstractAtlantic Sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus were recently listed as threatened in the Gulf of Maine and endangered in the rest of their U.S. range. Continued research priorities include

The Potential for Vessel Interactions with Adult Atlantic Sturgeon in the James River, Virginia

The number of Atlantic sturgeon being hit and their horizontal and depth distributions in relation to vessel draft is explored, and telemetry experiments on three living fish and six dead specimens are conducted.

Atlantic Sturgeon Marine Distribution and Habitat Use along the Northeastern Coast of the United States

Abstract Though the distribution of Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus is relatively well known in freshwater and estuarine habitats in the northern portion of their range, their distribution in

Origin of Atlantic Sturgeon Collected off the Delaware Coast during Spring Months

Using mitochondrial DNA control region sequencing and microsatellite DNA analyses to determine the origin of 261 Atlantic Sturgeon collected off the Delaware coast during the spring months, it was found that specimens originated from all nine of the authors' referen...



The Atlantic Sturgeon Fishery in South Carolina

The fishery for Atlantic sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrhynchus, in South Carolina has undergone a dramatic decline since the turn of the century, with the estimated total value of the caviar now greater than that of the flesh.

Bycatch of Sturgeons along the Southern Atlantic Coast of the USA

Abstract Information on incidental capture of shortnose sturgeons Acipenser brevirostrum and Atlantic sturgeons A. oxyrhynchus in commercial fisheries was derived from four studies conducted in South

Occurrence of juvenile Atlantic sturgeon,Acipenser oxyrhynchus, in the upper tidal Delaware River

Eighty-nine juvenile Atlantic sturgeon,Acipenser oxyrhynchus oxyrhynchus, including 10 recaptures, were collected, tagged and released in the upper tidal Delaware River between July 1981 and December

Annual Movements of Shortnose and Atlantic Sturgeons in the Merrimack River, Massachusetts

Abstract We used biotelemetry to study the movements of 23 adult shortnose sturgeons Acipenser brevirostrum and 23 subadult Atlantic sturgeons Acipenser oxyrhynchus oxyrhynchus in the lower 46 km of

Movement, Microhabitat, Exploitation, and Management of Gulf of Mexico Sturgeon, Apalachicola River, Florida

Abstract Gulf of Mexico sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus desotoi) in the Apalachicola River, Florida were tagged with radiotelemetry transmitters and conventional external tags from 1982 to 1984 to

Genetic differentiation of three key anadromous fish populations of the Hudson River

This work tested whether various measures of DNA variation between Hudson River populations and adjacent populations of Atlantic sturgeon, American shad, and striped bass were sufficient to discriminate among their conspecific populations and suggested higher gene flow (and lesser homing fidelity) amongAmerican shad populations in comparison with the two other species.

A Comparison of Atlantic Sea Sturgeon with a New Subspecies from the Gulf of Mexico (Acipenser oxyrhynchus de sotoi)

The sea sturgeon, Acipenser oxyrhynchus Mitchill, occurs in the western north Atlantic Ocean from Canadian waters south to the Gulf of Mexico and is described as the new subspecies de sotoi, which differs in having a longer head, longer pectoral fins, strongly developed scutes of distinctive shape and an unusually long spleen.

Artificial Substrates Collect Gulf Sturgeon Eggs

This is the first documentation of Gulf sturgeons eggs in the wild, and it provides the first records of sturgeon spawning areas in the Suwannee River.

Stock composition of the New York Bight Atlantic sturgeon fishery based on analysis of mitochondrial DNA

Abstract One of the few remaining fisheries for Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus takes place during spring and fall in the New York Bight, but no information on the stock composition of this

Induced Spawning and Culture of Atlantic Sturgeon

Spawning of Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus) was induced at the National Fish Hatchery, Orangeburg, South Carolina, by using acetone-driedSturgeon pituitaries collected 1 year earlier, and both groups of eggs became heavily infected with fungus.