Status and conservation of carnivores in Jordan

  title={Status and conservation of carnivores in Jordan},
  author={Mazin B. Qumsiyeh and Zuhair S. Amr and D.M. Shafei},
Revision du statut des carnivores en Jordanie. On connait 16 especes referables a 5 familles de Carnivores en Jordanie. Des localites nouvelles pour certaines especes et la repartition de l'ensemble des especes sont donnees dans ce travail 
Ecology, distribution and status of the Rock Hyrax, Procavia capensis syriaca, in Jordan
The ecology, including habitats, population structure, and behavioural aspects of the Rock Hyrax in Jordan are discussed, and direct threats affecting the current populations of the Hyrax were identified.
Status of the Eurasian Badger, Meles meles, in Jordan (Carnivora: Mustilidae)
Abstract New records of the Eurasian Badger, Meles meles, from Dana and Mujib Nature Reserves in Jordan represent the most southern occurrence of the species in the Levant. Records from Al Munaysah
The Carnivores of the Northeastern Badia, Jordan
The presence of 8 carnivores representing 3 families (Canidae, Felidae and Hyaenidae) in the northeastern Badia was confirmed by trapping and spotlighting and remains of recently killed Hyaena hyaena syriaca were recovered.
On the current status and distribution of the Jungle Cat, Felis chaus, in Jordan (Mammalia: Carnivora)
Abstract The current status and distribution of the Jungle cat, Felis chaus, in Jordan is reviewed based on recent field observations and specimen collections. In 1998, two specimens were found
Mammals of Jordan
A total of 78 species of mammals belonging to seven orders (Insectivora, Chiroptera, Carni- vora, Hyracoidea, Artiodactyla, Lagomorpha and Rodentia) have been recorded from Jordan. Bats and rodents
Bat Diversity and Conservation in Jordan
The diversity and conservation of bats in Jordan were reviewed based on field work and specimen collections, and recommendations for implementing conservation measures and future bat research avenues in Jordan are highlighted.
Carnivores of Syria
The aim of this research is to outline the local occurrence and recent distribution of carnivores in Syria in order to off er a starting point for future studies.
On the Current Status and Distribution of Blanford's Fox, Vulpes cana Blanford, 1877, in Jordan (Mammalia: Carnivora: Canidae)
The current status and distribution of Blanford's Fox, Vulpes cana, in Jordan is reviewed based on recent field observations and specimen collections. New distribution records along with morphometric
A new record of the Sand Cat, Felis margarita, from Jordan
Abstract The Sand Cat was recorded at two localities in Jordan in 1997. There are only two previous records from Jordan, from the 1960s and 1970s.
Status of Nature Reserves in Jordan
The status of nature conservation in Jordan was reviewed based on up-to-date information. Seven nature reserves are currently operating and representing different ecosystems. Objectives and main


Das Heilige Land
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