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Status Survey of the Arkansas Endemic Crayfish, Fallicambarus gilpini Hobbs and Robinson

  title={Status Survey of the Arkansas Endemic Crayfish, Fallicambarus gilpini Hobbs and Robinson},
  author={Henry W. Robison and Brian K. Wagner},
  journal={Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science},
  • H. Robison, B. Wagner
  • Published 2005
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science
Fieldwork was conducted during 2002-2003 on the rare, Arkansas endemic crayfish, Fallicambarus gilpini Hobbs and Robison. Collections at 87 localities revealed this crayfish at 8 sites, all located in southeastern Arkansas inJefferson and Cleveland counties which significantly expands its known range. Fallicambarus gilpini was generally found inhabiting roadside ditches and areas of standing water where it was always taken from upslope areas away from the static water. A sex ratio of 1:1.3… 
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