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StatsMonkey: A Data-Driven Sports Narrative Writer

  title={StatsMonkey: A Data-Driven Sports Narrative Writer},
  author={Nicholas D. Allen and John R. Templon and Patrick Summerhays McNally and Lawrence Birnbaum and Kristian J. Hammond},
  booktitle={AAAI Fall Symposium: Computational Models of Narrative},
There are certain types of stories that are often told in very structured ways; sports stories or financial reports are two examples. Readers care about these narratives because they are passionately interested in the topic and want to read about the specific details of the event. In other words, they care about the data and want to read a story that presents that data to them. However, in order to be compelling these narratives cannot merely repeat the data, rather they must tell a story from… 
Composing narrative discourse for stories of many characters: A case study over a chess game
A computational model of the relevant task understood as that of composing a narrative discourse for the events in a chess game is engineering by engineering a set of intermediate representations required to capture the structure that is progressively imposed on the material.
Stories from Games : Content and Focalization Selection in Narrative Composition
Game logs could be exploited as a source for reflection on user performance, with a view to improvement or simply the additional entertainment of reminescing. Yet in their raw form they are difficult
Bardic : Generating Multimedia Narrative Reports for Game Logs
Bardic is a narrative report generator that uses a logic-based language to represent a story based on event/activity logs to generate narrative from low-level event data as an aid for sense making.
Towards Automating Data Narratives
DANA, a prototype that illustrates how to generate data narratives automatically, and describe the information it uses from the computational records is introduced and a formative evaluation is presented.
Generating Natural Language Retellings from Prom Week Play Traces
Because they have massive state spaces, authorial burden is especially pronounced in games that are underpinned by rich simulations; as such, this class of games represents perhaps the strongest use
A Research on Developing a Card News System based on News Generation Algorithm
How personalized card news are evaluated in comparison with text and card news articles by human journalists is examined, and derived implications on the potential use of algorithm in reporting political events are derived.
Automated News Generation for TV Program Ratings
This research aims to create a system to automatically generate news about TV ratings by undergoing the processes of data gathering, identifying important events by predefined algorithms, generating a story in narrative format, and publishing the output.
The bright future of news automation
The media industry has just taken the first small steps on a journey towards a more advanced software environment with systems that will help journalists perform tasks they cannot manage too much data and work they do not want to do, and journalists, researchers and service providers should stop calling NLG news automation systems smart or AI for now.
Empirical Determination of Basic Heuristics for Narrative Content Planning
A number of traditional stories are reviewed in the light of the basic concepts of narratology that would be involved in the decisions involved in planning the content for tellings of these stories, and a possible way in which these principles may translate to basic heuristics for narrative content planning is explored.
Remember That Time? Telling Interesting Stories from Past Interactions
The design, development and preliminary evaluation of a generic computational architecture for finding and retelling interesting event sequences in a corpus of prior interactions are proposed and initial evaluation of interactions selected for retelling are encouraging.


Dynamic memory - a theory of reminding and learning in computers and people
Dynamic memory a theory of reminding and learning in computers and people can be your referred book and this book can steal the reader heart so much.
TALE-SPIN, An Interactive Program that Writes Stories
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