Statman's Hierarchy Theorem

  title={Statman's Hierarchy Theorem},
  author={Bram Westerbaan and Bas Westerbaan and Rutger Kuyper and Carst Tankink and Remy Viehoff and HENK P. Barendregt},
In the Simply Typed $\lambda$-calculus Statman investigates the reducibility relation $\leq_{\beta\eta}$ between types: for $A,B \in \mathbb{T}^0$, types freely generated using $\rightarrow$ and a single ground type $0$, define $A \leq_{\beta\eta} B$ if there exists a $\lambda$-definable injection from the closed terms of type $A$ into those of type $B$. Unexpectedly, the induced partial order is the (linear) well-ordering (of order type) $\omega + 4$. In the proof a finer relation $\leq_{h… 
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The lambda calculus - its syntax and semantics

  • H. Barendregt
  • Mathematics
    Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics
  • 1985

Basic simple type theory

Let A ∈ H ω+2 be given. Then A is small and rk(A) ≤ 3, so A ∼ s

    Since A is small and rk(A) ≥ 4, there is a component