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Statistics in Psychology and Education

  title={Statistics in Psychology and Education},
  author={S. K. Mangal},
Methods for Determining the Tetrachoric Correlation Coefficient for Binary Variables
The tetrachoric correlation coefficient (rt) is a special case of the statistical covariation between two variables measured on a dichotomous scale, but assuming an underlying bivariate normalExpand
Constraints Perceived by Farmers in the Use of E-Choupal
The desire to promote better information access to improve the socio-economic condition of the farmers has always been the top priority of extension professional and rural advisory service providersExpand
Life Satisfaction of Inter Regional Migrant Students in Relation to Perceived Stress Personal Growth Initiatives and Coping Strategies
India is emerging as a global hub of higher education providing varied opportunities. Each state of the country has several public and private educational institutions for providing a general andExpand
Relationship Between Instructional Leadership And Teachers Job Performance In Secondary Schools In The Province Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
This study aimed at exploring teachers perceptions of instructional leadership of secondary school heads and relationship of these perceptions with their performance on the job at secondary schoolExpand
Education is the process of modification of the behavior of the pupils in a desirable and useful direction. Soft Skill is an intangible skill set which is all about how people learn and think. TheyExpand
Fish Community Structure of Sandha River: A Link Analysis towards FisheriesManagement and Conservation
Sandha River water regime is used as a nursery, feeding and breeding places by commercially important fish species due to the presence of unique environment. Therefore, the present study has beenExpand
Educational Dissemination through Newspaper Daily
The formal sources of educational guidance remained no more sufficient to deal with the fast changing educational demands of the learners. Therefore, informal sources like media, especially low costExpand
What Counts as Evidence of Educational Achievement? The Role of Constructs in the Pursuit of Equity in Assessment
what students learned as a result of the instructional practices of teachers were predictable, then all forms of assessment would be unnecessary; student achievement could be determined simply byExpand
Constraints Perceived by Veterinarians of Tamil Nadu State of India in Providing Veterinary Services
Objective: To determine the constraints faced by veterinarians in rendering services to the livestock farmers. Study Design: Ex-post facto study design Methodology: Data were collected from theExpand
Constraints faced by the respondents in existing farming systems in Madhya Pradesh
The present study was conducted in Umaria and Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh with the specific objectives viz. to identify major constraints faced by the farmers in practicing different models ofExpand