Statistics and Society. Data Collection and Interpretation.

  title={Statistics and Society. Data Collection and Interpretation.},
  author={D. Tim Holt and Walter Theodore Federer},
Development and Implementation of Health Surveys in Asian American Communities: An Example of Research on Smoking Behaviors and Perceived Cancer Risks
The methodological, cultural, and research challenges associated with conducting surveys among community based Asian American (AA) organizations was explored and methods used to develop a reliable and valid survey are presented.
DHEA supplementation increases epithelial thickness, plain muscle tissue, and adult vaginal blood vessels (rattus norvegicus) after bilateral post-ovarectomy
It can be concluded that DHEA supplementation orally can increase epithelium thickness, smooth muscle tissue thickness, and the number of vaginal blood vessels in adult rats after bilateral ovarectomy.
Perbedaan efektivitas obat kumur yang mengandung chlorhexidine dan essential oils terhadap penurunan tingkat halitosis
Chlorhexidine is more effective in reducing halitosis compared to essential oils, and its mechanisms through bacterial cell destruction, bacterial enzyme inhibition and endotoxin extraction from Gram negative bacteria that can causeHalitosis.
Pemberian ekstrak daging ayam broiler meningkatkan berat badan dan berat lemak viseral serta meningkatkan produksi rambut pada anak tikus (Rattus norvegicus) jantan galur Wistar
Oral broiler meat extract could increase body weight, visceral fat mass, and hair follicles in young male rat (Rattus norvegicus) of Wistar strain.
Pemberian Krim Ekstrak Teh Hijau (Camellia sinensis) Dapat Mencegah Penurunan Jumlah Kolagen Dermis dan Peningkatan Kadar Matriks Metalloproteinase-1 pada Mencit Balb -C Yang Dipapar Sinar Ultraviolet B
Ekstrak Teh Hijau mengandung polifenol utama dalam daun teh, yaitu katekin yang terdiri dari Epigallocathecin 3-gallate (EGCG), epigallocathecin (EGC), epicathecingallate (ECG) , epicatechin (EC),
Intra‐ and inter‐observer agreement in histological assessment of canine soft tissue sarcoma
Histological assessment of canine STS had high reproducibility by an individual pathologist and the agreement of diagnosis and grading of canine Stem cell sarcoma was moderate between pathologists.
Evaluation of the oral toxicity of formaldehyde in rats
Administration of formaldehyde in drinking-water for 12 weeks caused histopathologic effects on the gastric mucosa in rats, and similar changes were observed in both treatment groups, in the form of vacuolar (hydropic) degeneration of gastric fundus glands.
The effect of anaerobic and aerobic exercise toward serotonin concentration in male Wistar rat brain tissue is investigated to investigate the effect of stress or depression condition on serotonin concentration.
The effects of red guava ( Psidium guajava L) fruits on lipid peroxidation in hypercholesterolemic rats
Background: Lipid peroxidation is a mechanism of cell injury, characterized by the formation of free radicals including malondialdehyde (MDA). To prevent or reduce the injury by free radicals,