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Statistically study the optimal local sources for cosmic ray nuclei and electron

  title={Statistically study the optimal local sources for cosmic ray nuclei and electron},
  author={Qing Luo and Bing-qiang Qiao and Wei Liu and Sh. Cui and Yi-qing Guo},
  • Qing Luo, B. Qiao, +2 authors Yi-qing Guo
  • Published 1 October 2021
  • Physics
The local sources, such as Geminga SNR, may play important role for the anomaly of proton, electron and anisotropy in the past works. In fact, there exists twelve SNRs around solar system within 1 kpc. One question is that can other SNRs also possibly contribute the spectra of nuclei and electron and explain the special structure of anisotropy? In this work, under the spatial-dependent propagation, we systematically study the contribution of all local SNRs within 1 kpc around solar to the… 
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