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Statistical tests based on R\'{e}nyi entropy estimation

  title={Statistical tests based on R\'\{e\}nyi entropy estimation},
  author={Mehmet Siddik Cadirci and Dafydd Evans and Nikolai Leonenko and Oleg Seleznjev},
Entropy and its various generalizations are important in many fields, including mathematical statistics, communication theory, physics and computer science, for characterizing the amount of information associated with a probability distribution. In this paper we propose goodness-offit statistics for the multivariate Student and multivariate Pearson type II distributions, based on the maximum entropy principle and a class of estimators for Rényi entropy based on nearest neighbour distances. We… 


Efficient multivariate entropy estimation via $k$-nearest neighbour distances
This paper seeks entropy estimators that are efficient and achieve the local asymptotic minimax lower bound with respect to squared error loss, and proposes a new weighted averages of the estimators originally proposed by Kozachenko and Leonenko (1987).
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It is shown that entropies of any order q, including Shannon's entropy, can be estimated consistently with minimal assumptions on f and it is straightforward to extend the nearest-neighbor method to estimate the statistical distance between two distributions using one i.i.d. sample from each.
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A simulation study indicates that the test involving the proposed entropy estimate has higher power than other well-known competitors under heavy tailed alternatives which are frequently used in many financial applications.
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The behavior of the Kozachenko–Leonenko estimates for the (differential) Shannon entropy is studied when the number of i.i.d. vector-valued observations tends to infinity. The asymptotic unbiasedness
A computationally efficient estimator for mutual information
  • Dafydd Evans
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2008
This work investigates a class of non-parametric estimators for mutual information, based on the nearest neighbour structure of observations in both the joint and marginal spaces, and demonstrates that a well-known estimator of this type can be computationally expensive under certain conditions.
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It is demonstrated that the KSG estimator is consistent and an upper bound on the rate of convergence of the ℓ2 error as a function of number of samples is identified, and it is argued that the performance benefits of the KSg estimator stems from a curious “correlation boosting” effect.
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Almost all the results available in the literature on multivariate t-distributions published in the last 50 years are now collected together in this comprehensive reference. Because these