Statistical properties of fractures in damaged materials

  title={Statistical properties of fractures in damaged materials},
  author={A. Gabrielli and R. Cafiero and G. C. D. F. U. D. T. V. Roma and Dip. Fisica Universita'La SapienzaRoma and Mpipks Dresden and Tcm Group Cavendish Lab. Cambridge},
We introduce a model for the dynamics of mud cracking in the limit of of extremely thin layers. In this model the growth of fracture proceeds by selecting the part of the material with the smallest (quenched) breaking threshold. In addition, weakening affects the area of the sample neighbour to the crack. Due to the simplicity of the model, it is possible to derive some analytical results. In particular, we find that the total time to break down the sample grows with the dimension L of the… Expand
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  • A. Routh
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Reports on progress in physics. Physical Society
  • 2013