Statistical abstract of the United States

  title={Statistical abstract of the United States},
  author={D. J. Malpani Commerce},
1 Includes drainage basin of Red River of the North, not a part of any accession, but in the past sometimes considered a part of the Louisiana Purchase. i Includes Baker, Canton, Enderbury, Rowland, Jarvis, Johnston, and Midway Islands; and also certain other outlying islands (21 square miles). 3 Commonwealth of the Philippines, Commission of the Census; 1939 Census, Census Atlas of the Philippines. Source: Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. 
This paper reviews economic development trends, for the 1965–1975 period, in the 173 daily urban systems identified by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Changes in employment, earnings, and
Estimates of future demographic changes in the coastal zone.
  • S. F. Edwards
  • Economics, Environmental Science
    Coastal management : an international journal of marine environment, resources, law, and society
  • 1989
The need for long-range planning is not diminished, however, since the absolute size of the coastal population is estimated to increase to nearly 143 million people by the turn of the century.
The Application of Water Market Doctrines in Texas
The State of Texas is the U.S.’s second largest state in terms of land area and it has recently become the second largest state in terms of population (xcU.S. Department of Commerce, 1995). It is
The future of the US military presence in the Mediterranean
For a variety of reasons, the United States will gradually reduce its military presence in the Mediterranean basin. One of the principal reasons is that collectively the region is becoming less
TRANSPORTATION REFORM SERIES * Copies of these and previous Brookings metro program publications are available on the web site, Foundation for their support of our work on metropolitan trends.
Mexican Migration to the United States: A Focus on Missouri
ABSTRACT Migration from Mexico has been essential to the economy of the United States (U.S.), and prior to the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, Mexican migration was
Changes in the metropolitan and large city populations of the USSR: 1979-85.
Although the growth rates of large cities have slowed, so have those of smaller towns, and a merging of growth rates by size class is occurring, a striking feature is that all central cities continue to grow and typically contain the vast majority of the metropolitan population.
The regional structure of the united states economy
A methodology is developed to divide an economy into regions, then is applied to the United States. These regions represent a departure from the ones currently used by the Bureau of Economic Analysis
The Waterfront Commission of the Port of New York: A History and Appraisal
This study recounts the history and evaluates the record of the Waterfront Commission of the Port of New York, established in 1953 to rid the port of organized crime. The agency's ambitious purpose


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