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Statistical Validation of Computer Vision

  title={Statistical Validation of Computer Vision},
  author={SoftwareXufei and Liu and T. Kanungo and R. Haralick},
Computer vision software is complex involving many tens of thousands of lines of code. Coding mistakes are not uncommon. When the vision algorithms are run on controlled data which meet all the algorithm assumptions, the results are often statistically predictable. This renders it possible to statistically validate the computer vision software and its associated theoretical derivations. In this paper we review the general theory for some relevant kinds of statistical testing and then illustrate… Expand


Propagating Covariance in Computer Vision
  • R. Haralick
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Theoretical Foundations of Computer Vision
  • 1998
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Parameter estimation and hypothesis testing in linear models
  • K. Koch
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 1988
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Modeling and performance characteri- zation of 3D parameter estimation using perspec- tive geometry
  • Ph.D. Dissertation,
  • 1995
Xufei Liu \Modeling and performance characterization of 3D parameter estimation using perspective geometry
  • Xufei Liu \Modeling and performance characterization of 3D parameter estimation using perspective geometry
  • 1995
\Multivariate Hypothesis Testing for Gaussian Data: Theory and Software
  • \Multivariate Hypothesis Testing for Gaussian Data: Theory and Software
  • 1995
Propagating covariance in com- puter vision.
  • In Proc. of IAPR Int. Conf. on Pattern Recognition,
  • 1994