Statistical Reasoning in Law and Public Policy:@@@(Vol. 1) Statistical Concepts and Issues of Fairness@@@(Vol. 2) Tort Law, Evidence, and Health.

  title={Statistical Reasoning in Law and Public Policy:@@@(Vol. 1) Statistical Concepts and Issues of Fairness@@@(Vol. 2) Tort Law, Evidence, and Health.},
  author={David H. Kaye and Joseph L. Gastwirth},
  journal={Journal of the American Statistical Association},
  • D. Kaye, J. Gastwirth
  • Published 1 December 1989
  • Law
  • Journal of the American Statistical Association
Hit-and-Run Criticism
Bross (1960) proposes rules for statistical criticism, chiefly that critics bear the responsibility of proving the tenability of a counterhypothesis. This Comment makes three points. First, the
Effect of Undergraduate Research Programs on Retention of Hispanic Students.
The Hispanic population in the United States has been increasing, which is affecting the number of Hispanic student population in the higher education. In spite of the rapid increase of Hispanic
1 The Relationship Between Declining Mortality and Increasing Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Mortality
Some years ago, it was noted with considerable alarm that in 1983 the disparity between black and white infant mortality rates was at its highest point in history. [1,2,3] That year, the ratio of the
Economic globalization, inequality and body mass index: a cross-national analysis of 127 countries
This article investigates to what extent the worldwide increase in body mass index (BMI) has been affected by economic globalization and inequality. We used time-series and longitudinal
Parametric versus nonparametrics : two alternative methodologies
  • L.
  • Mathematics
  • 2011
The comparison of parametric and nonparametric approaches is a huge subject, and here, the author considers only how it applies to the unpaired comparison of two treatments. However, very similar
A . Standard Patterns of Changes in Group Differences When the Prevalence of an Outcome Changes
This research is suspect because it is not undertaken with an appreciation of the ways relationships between the rates at which two groups experience or avoid some outcome are affected by the prevalence of the outcome.
Use of a twin dataset to identify AMD-related visual patterns controlled by genetic factors
This study identified visual patterns related to AMD which seem to be controlled by genetic factors, without explicitly relating them to the genes.
Statistical Significance Standards for Basic Adverse Impact Analysis
This paper reviews basic statistical significance tests for adverse impact (AI) analyses of 2x2 tables. In this context, analysts are interested in whether employment decision (e.g., hiring,
A Consideration of Practical Significance in Adverse Impact Analysis
One of the frequent statistical techniques used in EEO context is the adverse impact analysis, which compares the employment consequences of an organizational policy or procedure between two groups.
Fundamentals of probability and statistical evidence in criminal proceedings
An accessible introduction to the fundamentals of statistical evidence and probabilistic reasoning in criminal proceedings, providing guidance for judges, lawyers, forensic scientists and expert