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Statistical Parallax Analysis of SDSS M Dwarfs

  title={Statistical Parallax Analysis of SDSS M Dwarfs},
  author={Suzanne Louise Hawley and John J. Bochanski and Andrew A. West},
  • Suzanne Louise Hawley, John J. Bochanski, Andrew A. West
  • Published 2010
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • We report on the analysis of ~22,000 M dwarfs using a statistical parallax method. This technique employs a maximum-likelihood formulation to simultaneously solve for the absolute magnitude, velocity ellipsoid parameters and reflex solar motion of a homogeneous stellar sample, and has previously been applied to Galactic RR Lyrae and Cepheid populations and to the Palomar/Michigan State University (PMSU) survey of nearby low-mass stars. We analyze subsamples of the most recent spectroscopic… CONTINUE READING

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