Statistical Evaluation

  title={Statistical Evaluation},
  author={A. J. Langner},
  journal={Acta Neurologica Scandinavica},
  • A. Langner
  • Published 1 February 1966
  • Geology
  • Acta Neurologica Scandinavica
A sheet of graph paper, marked in inches and tenths or (preferably) smaller subdivisions, is placed on a horizontal surface. A halfpenny is placed flat near its edge, and flicked along the paper. 

Validation of a large area land cover product using purpose-1 acquired airborne video 2 3

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Image Comparison by Compound Disjoint Information with Applications to Perceptual Visual Quality Assessment, Image Registration and Tracking

(normalized) disjoint information as a metric for image comparison and its applications to perceptual image quality assessment, image registration, and video tracking are studied and it is shown such a theoretic advantage does have implications in practice.

Assessment of soft tissue changes after LeFort I advancement

It can be concluded that soft tissues related to maxilla moved anteriorly due to maxillary advancement in class III patients.

How much detail do we need to see? High and very high resolution photography, GAMBIT, and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory

Abstract This article examines the requirements for high and very high resolution photography of the USSR and other denied areas during the Cold War. It discusses the partial success of GAMBIT-1 and

Miniature LVDT setup for local strain measurement on cement-treated clay specimens

ABSTRACT Miniature submersible linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) is commonly used for small strain stiffness measurement. However, it has not been widely used on cement-treated clays.

Subsidence and Nonunion after Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion Using a Stand-Alone Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Cage

Anterior cervical fusion using a stand-alone cage with a large AP diameter while preventing anterior intraoperative over-distraction will be helpful to prevent the subsidence of cages.

Automatic Measurement of Spatial Learning Characteristics in Mice in an Underlit Morris Water Maze

Study of the statistical features of three of the most widely used measures: the latent period of finding the platform, the path followed, and the sum of distances to the center of the platform show better statistical features than other measures.

Evaluating a multiclass net deposition equation in overland flow conditions

The movement of sediment and related pollutants in overland flow from the point of erosion to a stream normally occurs through a series of deposition zones. Here we present the evaluation of a new

Proceedings of the 2021 Meeting of the Animal Science Modelling Group

Animal Science Modelling Group meets approximately yearly for one-day meetings. The 2021 meeting was sponsored by Trouw Nutrition (Guelph, ON, Canada), Lallemand Specialties, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI,

Loss of dendritic connectivity in southern California's urban riverscape facilitates decline of an endemic freshwater fish

This work used microsatellites and mtDNA to examine the effects of collapsed network structure in the endemic Santa Ana sucker Catostomus santaanae of southern California and shows a predominance of drift‐mediated processes in shaping population structure and that reverse mechanisms for counterbalancing the genetic effects of these phenomena have dissipated with the collapse of dendritic connectivity.