Statistical Error in Absorption Experiments

  title={Statistical Error in Absorption Experiments},
  author={Morris Edgar Rose and Mathew M. Shapiro},
  journal={Physical Review},
Abstract : In certain exponential absorption experiments, notably measurements of cross sections by transmission, it is important to achieve minimum statistical error in a limited time, or to minimize the counting time required to measure the absorption coefficient with a preassigned accuracy. The conditions required to attain these ends, i.e., the geometry for optimum transmission, and the best apportionment of counting times among the incident and transmitted beams and background, have been… 
Determination of X-ray mass attenuation coefficients using HPGe detector.
Effective atomic numbers and electron density of dosimetric material
The study has discussed in detail the attenuation coefficient, effective atomic number and electron density of dosimetric material/biological substitutes.
Technique for measurement of photon intensity for the determination of μm in the low photon energy region
A new and accurate method to determine the mass attenuation coefficient, µm, for low photon energy employing NaI(Tl) X-ray detector and radioactive source is described. Effect of size of collimator