Statistical EL is ExpTime-complete

  title={Statistical EL is ExpTime-complete},
  author={Bartosz Bednarczyk},
  journal={Inf. Process. Lett.},

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Satisfiability and Query Answering in Description Logics with Global and Local Cardinality Constraints

It is proved that decidability of querying can be regained if global and local constraints are not mixed and the global constraints are appropriately restricted, and conjunctive query entailment in this expressive description logic ALCSCC++ turns out to be undecidable.

An Introduction to Description Logic

This introduction presents the main motivations for the development of Description Logics (DLs) as a formalism for representing knowledge, as well as some important basic notions underlying all

An Introduction to Ontology-Based Query Answering with Existential Rules

This course introduces fundamental notions on ontology-based query answering with existential rules, and presents basic reasoning techniques, and explains the relationships with other formalisms such as lightweight description logics, and reviews decidability results as well as associated algorithms.

Expressive probabilistic description logics

Extending the Description Logic ALC with More Expressive Cardinality Constraints on Concepts

This work extends the terminological formalism of the well-known description logic ALC to more general constraints expressed in the quantifier-free fragment of Boolean Algebra with Presburger Arithmetic (QFBAPA), and introduces a restricted version of the formalism for which the complexity is ExpTime.

A New Description Logic with Set Constraints and Cardinality Constraints on Role Successors

This work introduces a new description logic that extends the well-known logic by allowing the statement of constraints on role successors that are more general than the qualified number restrictions of \(\mathcal {A})\mathcal{L} {C} {Q}\), and shows that the complexity of reasoning in this logic is the same as in the previous one.

An Introduction to Description Logic

A basic description of the concept language of the DL ALC and its applications, as well as a history context and literature review, are presented.

Towards Statistical Reasoning in Description Logics over Finite Domains

A probabilistic extension of the description logic \(\mathcal {ALC}\) for reasoning about statistical knowledge is presented and conditional statements over proportions of the domain are considered.

Modal Languages and Bounded Fragments of Predicate Logic

Les nouvelles directions que peuvent prendre les theoremes de Tarski dans un environnement mathematique are indique celle des contraintes structurelles speciales, des extensions infinies, de the logique modale etendue and d'une semantique dynamique.