Statistical Dependency Guided Contrastive Learning for Multiple Labeling in Prenatal Ultrasound

  title={Statistical Dependency Guided Contrastive Learning for Multiple Labeling in Prenatal Ultrasound},
  author={Shuangchi He and Zehui Lin and Xin Yang and Chaoyu Chen and Jian Wang and Xue Shuang and Ziwei Deng and Qin Liu and Yan Cao and Xiduo Lu and Ruobing Huang and Nishant Ravikumar and Alejandro F. Frangi and Yuanji Zhang and Yi Xiong and Dong Ni},
. Standard plane recognition plays an important role in prenatal ultrasound (US) screening. Automatically recognizing the standard plane along with the corresponding anatomical structures in US image can not only facilitate US image interpretation but also improve diagnos-tic efficiency. In this study, we build a novel multi-label learning (MLL) scheme to identify multiple standard planes and corresponding anatomical structures of fetus simultaneously. Our contribution is three-fold. First, we… 


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