Statistical Analysis of Connectivity in Unidirectional Ad Hoc Networks

  title={Statistical Analysis of Connectivity in Unidirectional Ad Hoc Networks},
  author={Venugopalan Ramasubramanian and Daniel Moss{\'e}},
  booktitle={ICPP Workshops},
A unidirectionallink exists in an ad-hocnetworkwhena nodeB is within the transmissionrangeof anothernodeA while nodeA cannotdirectlyhearnodeB. However, a reverse routefromB to A mightexist,bygoingthroughmultiplenodes. Unidirectionallinksmayexistin anadhocnetworkduetovariation in transmissionpowerof differentnodes,noiseor other signalpropagationphenomena, andheterogeneityin transmissionhardware of nodesin the network. In this paper , westatistically analyzethe connectivityof ad hoc networksin… CONTINUE READING
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