Statin treatment withdrawal in ischemic stroke: a controlled randomized study.

  title={Statin treatment withdrawal in ischemic stroke: a controlled randomized study.},
  author={M. K. Vesga Blanco and Florentino Nombela and Mar Castellanos and Manuel Rodr{\'i}guez-Y{\'a}{\~n}ez and Mar{\'i}a del Mar Garc{\'i}a-Gil and Rogelio Leira and Ignacio Lizasoain and Joaqu{\'i}n Serena and Jos{\'e} Vivancos and Michele A Moro and Antoni Davalos and J. Vx00E1zquez Castillo},
  volume={69 9},
BACKGROUND Pretreatment with statins has been shown to reduce brain injury in cerebral ischemia. In this controlled randomized study, we investigated the influence of statin pretreatment and its withdrawal on the outcome of acute ischemic stroke patients. METHODS From 215 patients admitted within 24 hours of a hemispheric ischemic stroke, 89 patients on chronic statin treatment were randomly assigned either to statin withdrawal for the first 3 days after admission (n = 46) or to immediately… CONTINUE READING


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