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States of America

  title={States of America},
  author={M J Ormerod and Jan Morris and John John Roberts},

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Manipulating virulence factor availability can have complex consequences for infections
It is observed that pyoverdine availability was not stringently predictive of virulence, and affected bacterial fitness in non-linear ways, which highlights that realizing effective and evolutionarily robust anti-virulence therapies will ultimately require deeper engagement with the intrinsic complexity of host-pathogen systems.
A framework for the social valuation of ecosystem services
A framework for the social valuation of ecosystem services is proposed that provides alternatives to economics methods, enables comparison across studies, and supports decision-making in land planning and management.
Quarterly GDP Revisions in G-20 Countries: Evidence from the 2008 Financial Crisis
This paper presents a statistical analysis of revisions in quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) of the Group of Twenty countries (G-20) since 2000. The main objective is to assess whether the
esting posterior minus frontal EEG slow oscillations is associated with xtraversion and DRD 2 genotype
This work examines for the first time the interrelations between polymorphisms of the dopamine D2 receptor (DRD2) gene and extraversion and resting posterior minus frontal EEG slow oscillations, finding an association between DRD2 and resting Pz–Fz slow oscillation.
Well-Being across America
Abstract This paper uses Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data to study life satisfaction and mental health across the geography of the United States. The analysis draws on a sample of 1.3
Recombination between homologous chromosomes does not play a dominant role in the formation of radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations
In hamster cells, recombination between homologous chromosomes appears not to have a major role in the formation of radiation-induced chromosomal aberrations, while nonhomologous repair seems to be important in both the G1 and G2 phases of the cell cycle.
A Preliminary Report on the Montana Study Program
A preliminary report on the Montana Study Program (MSP) is presented which aims to show how the MSP is worthy of accreditation at Nagasaki University, and to aid the process to accreditation.


Utilization and Supply of Human Blood Products
  • World Health Assembly Resolution WHA28.72. World Health Organization, Geneva.
  • 1975